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ProDev by Ca’Teama, LLC established the “Beyond Bars Scholarship” in 2024 to positively impact the lives of youth with incarcerated parents/guardians. There are many negative impacts of imprisonment on dependent children, which may include behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, and even learning disabilities. These impacts may also jeopardize their educational opportunities in conjunction with socioeconomic factors like poverty, race, and class.  

Read below for more information on the purpose, eligibility criteria, required essay prompt, how to apply, and how to submit donations. 


The primary purpose of this scholarship is to use education to contribute to the reduction of recidivism & the prevention of generational incarceration. Education is a stepping stone towards a crime-free life since it improves how students think about themselves, their options, & their futures. 


This scholarship is awarded once and may only be utilized by the students to improve their overall quality of life.

Eligibility Criteria:

Award Amount:


per Student.

*Two Students per year, which is subject to change based on funding.*

Fund Expectations:

Scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to decide where the scholarship will best improve their quality of life. Students are not limited, since every student has individual needs that vary while pursuing a degree of higher education or career aspirations. Examples of ideal places the fund may be used include: Books, school supplies, campus parking passes, moving expenses, establishing your first bank account, tuition fees, etc. Use the scholarship essay prompt below to best explain how you will utilize the funds.

Application Timeline:

Application Open: March 1, 2024

Application Due Date: April 5, 2024 

Winner Announcement: May 31, 2024 

Essay Prompt:

800 Words or Less

How has having an incarcerated parent/guardian affected your life? What are your career / educational goals? How will this scholarship impact your ability to meet these goals?  



Please contact me by email at

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