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What My Customers Think

Ca’Teama truly gave my resume that magic touch. After less than a week applying to jobs with my new resume, I was contacted by an employer! She will definitely make your resume stand out amongst the crowd! Thank you Ca’Teama!

She is very helpful to anyone who is looking for a new job or interviewing for a new job and has great tips and answers too.

Alexis B.

Mickey E.

Prompt, professional, knowledgeable, & reasonable service. I’m 100% satisfied with her assistance!

Very prompt, very professional, no complaints - 100% satisfied. I will definitely recommend her to everyone.

Janisha G.

Mia M.

Thanks to ProDev, I just landed a full-time job with the Department of Defense as an IT Specialist!!!!!! Thanks, Ca’Teama!!

After sending my resume to Ca’Teama, I received it back swiftly and it was flawless.

Mario J.

Jasmine H.

You can rely on Ca’Teama for an A+ job!

She’s super smart and professional!!! I endorse her 100%!!

Cheryl A.

Natasha M.

She was very professional and prompt with completing my resume. I recommend her 100% I am very satisfied!!

Shakilyah C.

I've applied for many jobs in Atlanta before Ca'teama actually did my resume. When I reached out to her she revised my resume. I got hired in all positions. Thank you so much!!!! She's awesome!!!

Serena T.

Ca’Teama does an excellent job of creating and revising resumes. Ever since she helped me redo mine, I’ve had multiple employers reach out to me about different jobs, and they all have complimented me on my resume.

I absolutely love Miss Ca'Teama's work! She made sure everything was thoroughly understood and the price is amazing!! Take advantage while you can... May God continue to bless this business #GoProDev

Carlton W.

Miltishia M.

Ca'Teama's work is absolutely amazing!!!

Jai R.

The resume she provided is great organized and very professional. I like the way she focuses on key points that could grab the attention of potential employers. I would recommend Ca’Teama to anyone 100%.

Willie F.

I've had the privilege of knowing Ca'Teama since Undergrad. She is very professional about her business and gets the job done no matter what. I highly recommend her services. She won't disappoint!

Elijah P.

Very prompt and professional! So far, I’ve referred two clients that were extremely satisfied with the services she provided. I definitely look forward to working with her in the future.

Shock P.

ProDev By Ca’Teama is very professional. I received my resume and cover letter within 2 business days. Since using my resume, I’ve received several job offers & was able to negotiate salary. I even had an interviewer say that my resume gave me the job before I walked in. If you’re looking to advance in your career, definitely invest in ProDev By Ca’Teama!

Savia D.-A.

She is very professional & I am very impressed with both my cover letter and updated resume. I will definitely recommend others to use her services!

Royshan M.

Ca’Teama is very prompt and professional. Creates masterpieces in a short period of time. She also provides great feedback! If you find yourself here you are in the right hands and won’t be disappointed! Thank you so much!

Although I have yet to submit my resume to any place of employment, as an HR Professional, I am amazed by Ca’Teama’s talent to not only create but enhance resumés to WOW anyone — I am highly satisfied and would highly recommend the entire universe to her!

JeDawn G.

Cantrell M.-R.

I started applying to jobs with the resume Ca’Teama created and within a day I received 2 phone call interviews. Ca’Teama was very professional and answered all of my questions quickly. I would recommend her service to anyone!

Ca’Teama was very responsive in answering any questions I had and she delivers products within a reasonable time frame. I am very pleased with her work!

Marquita G.

La'Davia P.

If you need resume work done, look no further than ProDev by Ca'Teama. She is up to date on what is needed on your resume to get that interview. Her service is professional, timely, and extremely useful. My resume is amazing and I am grateful for her expertise.

Tessa R.

Since Ca'Teama has done my resume [1 month ago], I have still gotten calls for interviews - before, I wasn't getting any!! I started my new job within 18 days thanks to her help with my resume! Thank you!!

Veronica N.

I was initially worried about getting a new job with me being 5 months pregnant, but I was able to get a job I really wanted .... and the employer said it was because my resume spoke more than anything else & I greatly appreciate your help!

I applied to jobs using the resume and cover letter you built on a Sunday & I had 5 interview requests by that Monday! Thanks!

Michalia B.

Calveasha H.

Ca’Teama completed my resume in 1 day based on my request, and I was so pleased with how she displayed my work experience. I felt that the resume was too professional and that it would intimidate employers because I’m still in school, so I requested a simpler format. She completed my request again and encouraged me to aim for a higher paying position based on my skills.  

After 4 days, I followed her recommendation and I received an offer 3 days later for the job! I recommend Ca’Teama to anyone who needs a resume!

Denae C.

I recommend this service to any adult that needs a resume or a revamped resume. I promise you the results are spectacular. I made a request for a revamped resume and cover letter she responded quickly, the price is affordable, but why put a price on your future? Jobs actually have a system that highlight certain words on your resume that makes the employer actually look at it, she adds the ”right” words to make your resume stand out. My resume is amazing. I literally got interviews that I'm turning down because it's just that many. She's VERY professional. I HIGHLY recommend her service. GET AT HER.

Trenise P.

Ca’Teama is not only super helpful but she’s also very professional!! Her services were super fast and the overall process was so easy! She redid my Resume’ and I was able to land a Job within my field of study before I actually earned my degree! She’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thanks again Teama.

Rashae G.

Ca’Teama has SUPER fast and great service. With her fixing my resume, I received a position at my current job. Thanks so much 💗.

Coretta B.

Your expertise has landed me an interview, and I'm currently waiting to find out if I’m one of the selected candidates for the Social Security Administration. I have been praying and trying to get in there for years. Thank You. I truly appreciate you and love your work. I tell everyone about you. I believe in your work so much I am the one that normally pays for it - investing in our ppl.

Angel A.

ProDev by Ca'Teama completed an impeccable job during the Spring 2020 semester with crafting the perfect personal statement for my graduate studies. With my personal statement being strong and personified, I was not only offered acceptance, but I was also awarded in-state tuition and a monthly stipend for my graduate assistantship. Recently, ProDev by Ca'Teama crafted an updated resume and cover letter for me, in hopes of receiving this desirable position. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Xavier L.

Ca'Teama did an amazing job on my cover letter and resume. She took what I thought wasn't even worth placing on my resume and turned it into something special. A lot of times your resume will speak before you ever walk into the door. She gave me the confidence to apply for jobs that I thought were out of my league. I highly recommend anyone to utilize her services. She is the best.

This has been a journey but I’m here. I’ve been applying for this job in my field for about 2.5 years. I was talking to my girlfriend and she recommended you. It was the best decision I ever made. I’ve been working in my field for about 3 months now and I love it. I’m always coming back to you to revise my resume and I’ll definitely advise people to go to you. Thank you Ca’Teama. You are really the GOAT.

Kianna T.

Andre B.

I received a resume from ProDev by Ca’Teama. I needed this document to be updated since I was relocating and I needed to update my credentials. The website is user-friendly and I received my resume before the expected time. When I was in the process of interviewing, many administrators stated how they were excited to meet me after reading my resume. I highly recommend anyone to request and receive services from Ca’Teama.

Jasmine R.

Within two days of applying to a job I had limited qualifications for, I received a call for an interview and was hired the same day. They were very impressed and loved my resume. Ca’Teama is very professional and gets the job done—the right way. Thank you!

Keya C.

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