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Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods do you accept?

  • Paypal to Paypal

  • Invoicing (Debit / Credit Card Payment)

  • Venmo

  • Zelle

  • CashApp

  • Apple Pay

Do I need a Cover Letter?

Cover Letters are not a requirement if you are unsure of which specific opportunity you are applying to receive. I recommend them if you know exactly which company or employer you are applying to.

What is your turn-around time?

All service requests are handled within the chosen timeframe on the form submission. Options include: Within 24 Hours, Within 48 Hours, Within 72 Hours, or Open Availability. Same Day services require an additional $5 charge.

Turn-around also depends on when the payment is submitted. Therefore, if your payment is submitted at 2 PM and you desire service completion within 24 hours, you will receive your product by 2 PM on the following day.

Do I Have to Fill Out A Form?

Yes, a form must be submitted to be serviced, unless you are a previous client that is requesting an update to a document I created for you.

What is your work experience?

I have serviced over 300 clients in at least 22 U.S. states and 1 British Virgin Island. Job experiences for these clients range from Customer Service Representative Roles to Collegiate Certifications/Diplomas to Higher Level Degrees with over 20 Years of experience in their designated fields.

How many people provide this service?

ProDev is a service provided by one individual person, and she appreciates your patience and understanding.

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