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Appeals + Statements + Papers

Expert Service for Business and Academic Documents

As a 2-time college graduate with administrative experience, I have a considerable amount of skills and specialized knowledge regarding the correct format and language to use for all forms of professional writing. I have experience in academic writing and business-related settings. 

I believe what really sets me apart from the rest of the industry is my attention to detail and ability to cater to the unique needs of each client based on your individual needs. I focus on bringing YOU to the table.

Key writing styles that I assist with include MLA, APA, or ASA.


Personal Statements, Statements of Purpose, Autobiographies, Biographies, Academic Assignments, Appeals, & Business Related Documents


All services begin at $35 for 500 words or less. Additional charges will be included based on the desired turnaround time and an extended word count. Please see below.

Price List

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A Draft Must Be Provided for All Requests

Collegiate Personal Statements / Statements of Purpose

$35 +

I am well known for providing this service and have quite a number of clients who have received college acceptance letters, scholarships, or awards with my assistance.

Biographical Statements

$35 +

Are you a professional that is required to describe yourself on various platforms? Book this service today to gain assistance with editing your biographical statements to assist your audience with getting to know you better.

Academic Assignments

$35 +

If you have any academic assignments that you would like to be reviewed and edited before you submit for grading, this is the service for you. I will review your already established paper and provide much-needed edits/changes to secure a passing score.

Business / Professional Documents

$35 +

As a business owner, you may need assistance with wording your products/services better for your clients. This could also include setting up email responses/templates that are easy to follow and precise. Book this service to get assistance with improving your business in writing.

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