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Business Plans

Are you ready to start a business?

This service is focused on the creation of a basic business plan, which can be utilized to present to investors, potential collaborators, and more. This service is also beneficial to people who desire insight on how to start their business.


Identify Your Business Entity Type

Your business plan will be based on your business structure, which may include a C-Corporation, S-Coporation, LLC, Sole Propertiership, and more.


History & Vision

Highlight Business Accomplishments & Goals

As a business owner, you may have things you have already accomplished or wish to complete. I will assist with identifying your progress and clarifying your aspirations.


Identify Your Financing Options & Distribution

This business plan will assist with requesting financial assistance. There is also an opportunity to identify how you will utilize funding if you are requesting it.



Identify Your Target Audience & Strategies

Every business has an audience that they wish to reach. Every business also utilizes various mediums to promote their products/services. This pan will assist with identifying your needs.

SWOT Analysis

Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats

Every great business has a SWOT analysis to refer to as they continue to grow. This business plan will include a SWOT analysis.


Price List

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Basic Business Plan

This service is great for new business owners and/or those seeking funding. It's always key to have a set idea of where your business is headed. Click buy now to start your journey.

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